What Is SMS Gateway API ?

A Defined Set Of Steps Which Allows An Application To Send SMS Via SMS Gateway Is Called SMS API.

SMS API is used to add the capability of sending SMS to existing software's, websites and applications. In other words Misr Bulk SMS's API Integration unlocks the SMS credibility.

Advantages of API Interagration

You can reach more customers with faster and more reliable messaging. In this way, you can take your messaging solution to a next level with a platform that is built for scale, speed, and deliverability.

You can go beyond just sending or receiving SMS with our Bulk SMS APIs and fetch delivery reports, manage contacts, schedule messages, retrieve credit balances, pull survey responses, & so much more.

You can expect a high convenience level, the least delay in services, easy integration, and cost-effectiveness which makes API integration the best.

Using API integration you can send messages to millions of people without any manual interference or implementation.


On every step of your deployment journey, mobiSharstra is there to help you. Once you have the base 'sending SMS' case working, we have got a wide variety of sample guides and turorials on our Documentation. We have snippets and samples for your entire core supported web languages and platforms like PHP, .Net etc.

Our API comes with low latency, high delivery, and a very small downtime measured in just minutes annually.