SMS For Hospitality


Booking Confirmation

Send Booking Confirmation details to your customers such as room number, timing etc.

Payment Reminder

Send payment reminder via sms include payment gateway link for online payment.

Send Offers

Send Offers, Deal and Discounts alert to your targeted audience.


Send Special Announcement to your staff such as shift timing and location update.


Send coupons and motivational alert to your client for increase sales.

Seasonal specials

For hotel, it means promoting products that is in season. For others, use whatever major holiday is approaching.


Build customer relationships Personal interaction with customers is a great way to establish relationships and encourage long-term customer loyalty.


Create a customer club with particular benefits (newsletter, coupons, special events, extended hours) and offer free membership with any purchase over a set dollar amount.

Bulk SMS Services For Hotel and Resorts in India which offers

Delivery Report

Get real-time delivery reports to evaluate the success rate your sms marketing campaigns

Customized SMS

Make your bulk sms campaigns more personalized & engaging by including sender name

Free API Integration

Take advantage of Free API Integration to setup sms campaign in just few minutes

Regional Language

Connect to potential clients in a native language with with unicode sms service for regional languages.

Send 24×7 SMS

A cloud-based software allowing you send a bulk SMS, email worldwide 24/7 via prompt sms gateways.

Web based panel

Campaign based SMS Marketing where you can take care real time reports with easy to use web based panel.