real time delivery report

real time delivery report for bulk sms

Real time SMS delivery reports give us a check if the messages are being delivered to the customer mobile. When you send SMS in bulk there are so many numbers which are unserviceable such as disconnected number, portable number, dead number etc.

Real time SMS delivery reports give you an instantaneous and dynamic idea the delivery of messages in a very easily understandable format.

It gives you detailed analysis of the delivered and undelivered SMS. It givers and idea about the traffic also because if the messages are not getting deliverd then it might be possible that the messages are lined in queue.


Live Delivery Reports

Mobishastra tracks delivery of each and every message in real time which means you get delivery report as soon as the message is delivered on the handset.

Campaign Success Rate

Our best-in-class team has developed a portal where you can analyze your success report for your complete campaigns.


As with any marketing strategy, it is vital to track the results of you SMS marketing. This feature helps you make better decisions and generate new or rpeat customers as they get to know the stats of the campaigns that they have sent.

Thus real time DLR porvides real-time information when a message is queued, sent, delivered successfully, or not delivered by the carrier. It provides useful error infomation for delivery failures, such as when:

  • The receiving phone is turned off or otherwise unavailable.
  • The phone number can't receive the SMS, possibly because it is not a mobile number or is blocked.
  • The content of the message is in violation of
  • Too many messages are sent too quickly.